Book review and recommendation

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I was recently given the opportunity to read

31 days square button 300


It was written by Ashley from Domestic Fashionista.

I have to say I really enjoyed 31 days of Creative Homemaking. I thought it was such a different take on how to live

your life and enjoy your life. It wasn’t so much a How-to guide because to be honest I’m not very good

at following those but it was filled with helpful and practical advice on creating a more orderly and

simplified life that could bring you more joy. It really got me in the mood to start thinking how I could

simplify and improve my own life.

Take the time to read through the book and learn from Ashley tips and her advice from all of life’s

areas. It covers organizing, cleaning, cooking, party planning, being a wife and looking after children.

She stresses the importance of having an enjoyable and comfortable life and not focusing on perfection,

which is great for me. It is a great resource and an easy read.

If you want to purchase the book for yourself it is only $4.99 and I learned a lot from it. Here is a link Click here to visit Domestic Fashionista.

Ashley did a great job of making a beautiful book with great pictures and easy and usable advice.

I just wanted to share this great book I found because I think so many women can benefit from it