Book review: Paper towns by John Green

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So in January one of my goals was to read more. I wanted to read 3 fun books and one business book. I read 4 fun books and am on a fifth and one business book and am on a second. So I kicked butt on that goal. I wanted to do a book review of my favorite book I read of the month though for all you other book readers out there. I know many of you are also book lovers and this book Paper Towns by John Green was so good I have to share the book with you.

This wasn’t my first John Green book I had already read An Abundance of Katherine’s and A Fault in our Stars which were also incredible books.  I also still have Looking For Alaska by him on my ipad that I’m hoping to get to this month. So far I have not read a bad book by him so I hope he keeps writing more books and I will keep getting them.

This is a young adult which I really enjoy because I feel like even though the storylines are about teenagers the feelings and relationships are issues and feelings are things you do  go through your whole life. Such as in this book there is a main theme  of issues in friendships which I know we all dealt with as teens I’m sure. Plus even though I’m now 30 I still have  issues and difficult situations to deal with when it comes to friends, it probably never goes away. The same thing with being in love. The emotions are so much more heightened in your teen years I believe and that’s what makes for such great books but I can put myself back in the same place as the main character who is in love with the girl next door who doesn’t see him that way. I might be married now but I remember having those teen crushes and not having the feelings returned.



I’ve always been a book reader since the days of my mom reading me Sesame Street books. I just love books. I also find that as a blogger the more I read the better I write and the more I come up with to write about. It’s like getting help from all these authors by reading their books. I particularly am fond of John Greens books because I get the sense from his novels that he enjoys books and writing. His books are easy to read and flow so naturally that they feel like they have been written by a book lover.

So this post is about Paper Towns and I loved the book but I think you won’t go wrong with any of John Green’s novels. Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?