book series recommendation

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I have so many books on my list to be read. Right now I am reading Shadow of Night by Debroah Harkness. It is the second book in the All Souls Trilogy. The first book is called a discovery of witches. These books follow Matthew, a vampire and Dianna a witch. It is about their relationship and the secret societies of witches, vampires and demons. I really enjoyed the first book and am enjoying the second book as well. It is a very descriptive book with much of this book written while they are in the late 16thcentury so there are a lot of historical references. I’m really looking forward to when I hope they return to the present time because I enjoy a lot of their family and friends.  I really enjoy all  the characters. Especially  the main character Diana because she  is intelligent, strong and though it is a love story Diana is an individual and not consumed by her relationship.
I really enjoy trilogies because I hardly ever feel like one book captures enough of characters I usually come to enjoy. After I’m done with this book I don’t know when book three comes out but I’m hoping I don’t have too long of a wait.
If you enjoy fantasy and drama this is a great book. The characters travel all over and the author really describes the locations in great detail. I highly recommend this series.