How and why you need to make the time to read

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I have always loved to read. I was the little girl with books covering my bed and reading by flashlight late into the night. I won an award for reading the most in the school when I was in third grade and had to give a speech. On the blog, I’ve shared quite a few posts on my favorite books. I think you need to make the time to read.

That even if reading isn’t your thing as much as it’s my thing. It still is so important for people to make the time to read. Getting lost in a good book is more than just entertainment or fun. There are lots of benefits to reading that you should check out. From making you smarter and more caring to it benefiting your kids and more.  Check out this short video on a benefit of reading that should matter to you.

One of the fun and great things about reading is that you have so many choices. You could never run out of books to read even if you read all the time. No matter what topics you are interested in there are books out there for you to read on them.

I know you are probably saying to yourself, I have no time to read. We are all busy and there aren’t enough hours in the day. I completely understand what you are saying. I really do think we can all find the time to read and fit it into our lives. 

So how to make the time to read

1.Pick something interesting to read 

This is a really important step in making the effort to read more happen. If you enjoy what you are reading you will be more motivated to fit it into your schedule. You’ll want to find the time to read because you enjoy doing it. If you don’t enjoy it you will put off doing it and not want to make the effort. 

So figure out what you enjoy reading. You can check out my Books to read board on Pinterest and follow me on Goodreads to find lots of great selections. 


2. Set reading goals 

Now I want you to think about some realistic reading goals for yourself. How many books would you like to read by the end of this year or in the next year? Focus on what works best for you, try not to compare yourself to how much other people are reading.  Maybe for you reading one book a month would be a lot more than you’d usually read and your goal is to start reading one book each month. 

That’s a great goal and now you want to figure out how to make time to read that book. Maye setting aside ten minutes before bed to read each night would easily fit into your routine. For you, it might be reading while drinking your coffee in the morning, or on your lunch break. It doesn’t really matter when that time is. 

It doesn’t really matter when that time is. Just figure out the best place in your schedule and start making it a habit of picking up your book to read. You’ll start to make it a habit and it will fit in with your day. Personally, I like reading when I’m waiting in the car to pick up my daughter from school, I usually have 30 minutes to an hour and it’s good reading time. 

3. Always have a book with you 

I’ve been asked many times how I’m able to read so much. Last year I read 51 books and this year I’m hoping it will be a lot more. Part of it is just that I’m a fast reader and can get through books quickly. I also always have a book with me. I use to carry a book in my purse. 

The last few years though I’ve been reading more on my kindle app which I have on my phone. This way I have my books with me all of the time. It is so much easier to make the time to read when you can fit it into little pieces of your life. Waiting at the doctors pull out your book, stuck in the car while the person you’re with runs inside a store, waiting for ballet or soccer practice to end you can read your book.

There will be lots of 10,15 or 20-minute blocks of time that pop up in your days that you can get through a chapter or two in a book instead of scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. That is why I love reading on my phone I always have it with me and fit in chapters throughout my day as I can. 

I hope I’ve shown you why it’s so important to make the time to read. I also hope you will set some reading goals and make the time for you to enjoy a good book more often. If you read anything really good please share it with me. I keep a long list of books I want to read someday in Evernote. Always love adding more to it.