A lovely reading spot.

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I love to read, if you are a regular reader of my blog you’ve seen me mention that before. I just love reading and have since I was a little girl. My mom would come into my bedroom in the morning and find me with dozens of books in my bed. Week 3’s challenge topic is A reading spot. For me that has really always been my bed. I also do a lot of reading in the living room on the couch.


"We read in bed because reading is halfway between life and dreaming, Our own consciousness in someone else's mind." Anna Quindlen

Though I tend to read more business type books in the living room, which is kind of my work space. I read more novels in bed. I do like owning actual books but I also am a big fan of being able to read on my ipad mini. I have trouble holding actual books with my hand so the ipad is nice to just lay on my lap and read. At night in bed after my husband goes to sleep I will prop it up against him while he’s sleeping and read. He’s a wonderful little book rest.

I get so much enjoyment and really encourage my daughter to read as well. She’s not as much of a natural book lover as I am but I hope with time and finding the right books for her she will learn to become a big reader like her mom.

"Asking me if I like reading is like asking me if I like breathing." #Books #Reading #Quote


Books don't change people; paragraphs do, Sometimes even sentences. - John Piper // A Godward Life // Read more at http://desiringgod.org/books/a-godward-life