The best books I’ve ever read I’d rather be reading review

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Reading has always been a passion of mine. I was the little girl found with dozens of books in her bed in the morning because she stayed up reading all night. I’ve just always loved reading. 

Which is why I’m such a huge fan of Anne Bogel from the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy. I was honored to be chosen to be on her book launch team for her new book I’d Rather be Reading.  This book just seemed meant for someone like me who loves to read

I think that reading is such a great way to care for yourself. I really think most people need to spend more time on self-care and making time for reading is such a great way to take care of you and give yourself a break from the stresses of real life.

I often share book recommendations here on my blog and occasionally over on Instagram. I love sharing books that I’ve enjoyed and think others would love too. I’ve read hundreds if not thousands of books over the years and there have been some amazing books and some ok books and some not so great books. 

While reading my copy of I’d rather be reading. I was reminded of lots of the books that have made an impact in my life. The books that even though I haven’t read them in years I still think about.

The ones I want to make sure my daughter reads because I hope they will mean as much to her as they did to me. The books that started my love for a new genre. The books that helped me learn something or inspired me. 

So these are the books that meant a great deal to me when I read them.  Many  I still think about fairly often. I have a wide range of books because I seem to like it all. I go through a phase where I’m into thrillers then I am into self-help and then romances are my thing for a while.  These books all brought me so much joy and out of the many, many books I have read in my life.  They are the ones that I remember and that stand out.  I just count series, or trilogies as one because if I were to list them all out individually this would get very long.

The best books of my life

  1. Anne of Green Gables Series by LM. Montgomery: I loved these books growing up and read them all multiple times. Now I’m getting to experience them all again as I read them with my daughter. 
  2.  The Fault in our Stars by John Green: I remember reading this for the first time when I was on vacation years ago. It was so good I just could not stop reading. 
  3.  The In Death series by J. D. Robb: This is a rather large series of books written by Nora Roberts under her pseudonym J.D Robb. These books follow a police lieutenant Eve Dallas and her homicide squad as they solve crimes. The books are set in the mid 21st century in New York City so they are slightly futuristic.  
  4.  The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin: One of my absolute favorite reads. I’ve read most of the books by Gretchen Rubin and this has to be my favorite. It was so helpful and informative.  That I even got a copy for my mom for Christmas. 
  5.  You are a Badass by Jen Sincero: If you want a book that is inspirational and motivational this is a fantastic choice. I don’t often reread books because my to be read pile is huge but this is one I want to read again because it was so good!
  6. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: This is also a trilogy but the first book is by far the best. I read all three and enjoyed them but the first book is so good. The movie is also super cute but be prepared to cry a bit. 
  7. The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness:  One of the genres I really enjoy is Young adult fantasy and this is one of the best trilogies. Following the story of a history professor and witch who falls in love with a vampire. Since reading the first of the series years ago I have read many books in this genre. 
  8. The Outlander Books by Diana Gabaldon: Such an incredible series that I’m loving again now that I’ve started watching the show based on the books. I want to be caught up to the point in the series before the new season comes out in November.  
  9.  Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis:  Another great book that really gets you to think about things and evaluate and want to change your life. Such an inspirational and motivating read. 
  10. The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling: This is another series that I’m excited to read with my daughter.  The books are so good and I want to read them again anyway. 
  11. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: This book really seemed to launch a million books of this type. A suspenseful thriller that centers on a relationship. It was a great book that was hard to put down. I always love finding a book that I can’t get enough of. 
  12. Caraval by Stephanie Garber: Such an enjoyable series and a lot of fun. A story about magic and family. The final book in the series comes out in May 2019. 

Even with many of these being series it was really difficult for me to get my list to only 11. I have read a lot of books that I really enjoy and I hope you will check out my other posts with book recommendations to see other books I’ve enjoyed. 

If you preorder I’d Rather be Reading before September 4th make sure you head to and claim your awesome preorder bonuses.  If you follow me on Goodreads you can see what I’m reading. This is such a great way to find out about other books and see what your friends are reading.