Book review: Two of the best books I’ve read recently.

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If you haven’t heard of Gretchen Rubin, let me tell you a little about her. She is the author of the Happiness Project and Happier at home. She is a wife and mother of two girls. She is a former lawyer who decided she wanted to become an author. I had such a good time reading her first book that I knew I had to get the second one.  I also knew I wanted to do a book review on each of them so that I could share these great books with all of you.
In the Happiness project she starts a yearlong project to make her life a happier one. She admits she has a good life but wonders could she be happier and in what areas of her life could she make improvements. She educates herself on all aspects of happiness and has a lot of information and facts about happiness that she writes about. Each month she focuses on one area of her life (marriage, parenting, money, etc) and sets a few mini resolutions to try to accomplish throughout the month and carryover into the next month. It was an interesting book and really got me thinking of what areas I could work on in my own life and what goals I could set for myself.
Her second Book Happier at home is the second happiness project; it takes place a couple years after she did her first one. Her kids are a little older. She takes what she’s learned from her first project, what she’s learned from her blog that she’s started and takes on the school year from September to May to tackle monthly goals and mini resolutions. Her main goal is just to appreciate her life more, be happier and more fulfilled in her marriage and family life. She says that she has nothing majorly wrong in her life but wants to build up happiness and learn the tools to be happy for when the day comes when something really bad does happen.
I’m not doing a full project but am planning to take a lot of what I learned from her books and apply it to my own life. I’ve been through my big life crises and want to work on getting my life more enjoyable and appreciating life more.  I have become so empty in the amount of happiness I feel that I need to build it up again. I really learned a lot from these books and if you have the chance to read them I really recommend it. Her blog is